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A Year 9 Student's Experiences of the COVID-19 Changes

We are interested to find out how COVID-19 has impacted the young people we work with. We have asked students a series of questions to gain an insight into their experiences so far. 

Today, we have spoken to a Year 9 student who has already begun to study their GCSEs. 

How has the Covid-19 pandemic impacted on your current studies?

My lessons are now a lot shorter as teachers now send me questions online. Most of my work is now sent to me on SAM learning and google classroom.

What do you think the impact of this lockdown will be on your next year in education? (e.g. from September)

As I’m only in year 9 at the moment I don’t think the lockdown will have as much impact on me as other year groups. However, I do not think we are doing as much work as we would have if we were still at school, so I may be behind for next year.

How have you been supported so far by your school/college? Is there anything they have done which you have found particularly helpful?

My teachers put feedback comments on the work I send so I can go back and improve it. My tutor also rang home to check how I was and if I was doing the work.

How do you think you could be best supported moving forward? Is there anything that you would find particularly helpful?

I don’t think there is much more school could be doing as they are sending us the powerpoints we would usually have in the lessons. The only difference is that we go through it on our own, rather than having a teacher there.

In an ideal situation, what would be the best way that schools/colleges/government could support students moving forward?

I think if the lockdown is to last any longer the government should have given schools more money, so they could provide the kids with laptops to do their online work on. As we are sharing one computer between three people.

How do you feel that the lack of student interaction caused by the lockdown (e.g. meeting up at breaks, afterschool, etc.) has impacted you? Is there anything you are doing about this such as Facetime, Skype, phone calls and is this helping?

I still speak to my friends every day; however, I message them more than I speak face to face, like on facetime.

How are you finding learning online? Has it been easy to adapt to?

We already used the websites our work is set on, for homework, before schools shut so most people knew wat to do and how to use it.

Are you structuring your day like a school day (e.g. learning 9am-3pm) or are you learning at your own pace with flexible hours?

I do all of the lessons at some point in the day, however, not at the same times I would have been doing them at school.

Have you come across any barriers to home learning and how have you overcome these?

At first I struggled to complete lessons as I was unmotivated working from home. However, I now try and do all of the lessons I would have on a normal day.

What do you do in your spare time during lockdown?

In my spare time, I watch lots of Netflix and speak to my friends. I also go out for dog walks most days with the rest of my family.

How do you separate work and free time?

I usually have a break at lunch, the finish when my work for the day is complete. However, I sometimes do my work whilst watching the TV instead of separating the work time and free time.

Has the pandemic changed your plans for your future education?

No it has not. I still want to go to college but not university, which is how I felt before the pandemic.

Has the pandemic changed your career plans?

I do not have any career plans yet but it has given me more time to think about what I would like to do.

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A Year 9 Student's Experiences of the COVID-19 Changes

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