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A Year 12 Student's Experiences of the COVID-19 Changes

We are interested to find out how COVID-19 has impacted the young people we work with. We have asked students a series of questions to gain an insight into their experiences so far. 

Today, we have spoken to a Year 12 student who is studying for their A Levels.

How has the Covid-19 pandemic impacted on your current studies?

Although we are no longer at college, the workload etc has stayed pretty much the same but there is more flexibility as to when I complete each lesson. Also, in history we now have revision for previous topics set alongside our lessons, to be completed before the end of the week. I have my work sent to me online when I would usually have a timetabled college lesson with the deadline of completing it before the next work is set. For one of my lessons I have a Microsoft teams call at the time I would usually have my lesson, for the teacher to go through the work with us and explain certain aspects of it. For my other two lessons, the teachers will email the work with an explanation of it and then get back in contact with us later in the week to see how we found it.

What do you think the impact of this lockdown will be on your next year in education? (e.g. from September)

In my next year I will be applying to universities with my predicted grades from my internal college exams but due to lockdown these may be completed at home. I think that it will have some effect on workload as teachers might want to revise topics that we have done during isolation to make sure everybody has completed the necessary work and understands it.

How have you been supported so far by your school/college? Is there anything they have done which you have found particularly helpful?

We get a daily message from our GSTs with videos, puzzles etc if we want something short to do. All of my teachers have been staying in touch via teams or email, asking about work and how we all are.

How do you think you could be best supported moving forward? Is there anything that you would find particularly helpful?

Have the first lesson/s back refreshing what we did over isolation

In an ideal situation, what would be the best way that schools/colleges/government could support students moving forward?

Maybe don’t include too much of what we’ve had to learn at home in our internal exams

How do you feel that the lack of student interaction caused by the lockdown (e.g. meeting up at breaks, afterschool, etc.) has impacted you? Is there anything you are doing about this such as Facetime, Skype, phone calls and is this helping?

I don’t think it has impacted me much but I know people who are desperate to be allowed to go out/meet up again. We have a group chat so we can all stay in touch and at the beginning we did some facetime calls. I still go on Houseparty weekly with people from my old school.

How are you finding learning online? Has it been easy to adapt to?

I think it has been fairly easy to adapt to the lessons, however all of my work is now on various USB sticks -as we don’t have a printer- so it’s sometimes hard to keep track of it all.

Are you structuring your day like a school day (e.g. learning 9am-3pm) or are you learning at your own pace with flexible hours?

I am taking part in the team’s lessons when they would usually happen instead of watching the recordings back later but for most other lessons I just complete it when I want to. For example if I wanted to bake or go on a walk I could do my work in the evening/the next morning.

Have you come across any barriers to home learning and how have you overcome these?

Initially, my mum was working from home and using the laptop a lot so I had to watch and complete lessons on my iPad which wasn’t great as it was more difficult to complete word documents/ download work etc.

What do you do in your spare time during lockdown?

Lots of dog walks, baking, painting and watching films/boxsets. I’ve been driving mum to the shops when we need to go to keep up my practice.

How do you separate work and free time?

I usually set my time out like I would at college (around 1.5 hour slots of lesson/ free time at a time) but can move the lessons to different time of the day depending on what else I want to do

Has the pandemic changed your plans for your future education?

I am still fairly unsure about what I want to do so I don’t think it has changed my plans

Has the pandemic changed your career plans?


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A Year 12 Student's Experiences of the COVID-19 Changes

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