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A Year 10 Student's Experiences of the COVID-19 Changes

We are interested to find out how COVID-19 has impacted the young people we work with. We have asked students a series of questions to gain an insight into their experiences so far. 

Today, we have spoken to a Year 10 student who has is studying for their GCSEs. 

How has the Covid-19 pandemic impacted on your current studies?

For food tech it affects it quite a lot because I can’t do all the practical’s and new skills without help or clear instructions and for the other subjects its harder because you don’t get as much help in online lessons as you would if you were in the actual lesson.

What do you think the impact of this lockdown will be on your next year in education? (e.g. from September)

I think there will be a lot of catching up to do so I will probably have to do more revision in free time as there won’t be as much going over things in year 11 and it will be more doing the things we have missed for the course.

How have you been supported so far by your school/college? Is there anything they have done which you have found particularly helpful?

They have set up google classroom so you have a lesson PowerPoint or details with the work this helps because you have more of an actual lesson than just doing a worksheet that has been sent. It’s also good because the teachers are able to mark the work and give the feedback on google classroom some of the teachers even leave personal messages to see how you’re getting on which is nice.

How do you think you could be best supported moving forward? Is there anything that you would find particularly helpful?

I would like more help with English as they have sent revision but not work so I just have to take time out and do revision now and again as opposed to doing actual English lesson that has been sent on google classroom also for food tech they could send recipes and instructions on food to make with things that most people have in their cupboards that way your still doing practical but not necessarily have to go out and buy ingredients for it.

In an ideal situation, what would be the best way that schools/colleges/government could support students moving forward?

I think my year group should be one of the ones prioritised going back because we have missed quite a lot and it would save some catching up so there’s nor as much catching back up in year 11.

How do you feel that the lack of student interaction caused by the lockdown (e.g. meeting up at breaks, afterschool, etc.) has impacted you? Is there anything you are doing about this such as Facetime, Skype, phone calls and is this helping?

I miss the interaction because as much as you can still speak to your friends online I prefer to go outside and go somewhere and you don’t see each other most days as you would at school. I am doing group FaceTime and messaging my friends which is good because we all get to speak to each other and see how each other are coping.

How are you finding learning online? Has it been easy to adapt to?

I think learning online is quite good because as long as you understand the work it’s easy to do the work like it’s the lesson just without the teacher but it is hard if you don’t understand what the teacher means because you can’t just get them to help you.

Are you structuring your day like a school day (e.g. learning 9am-3pm) or are you learning at your own pace with flexible hours?

I try to structure my day like a school day but there aren’t enough lessons to do that and on my own I think I finish the work quicker because in lessons some of the time is discussions and getting started and finished to leave so it takes me less time to get through the work than if I was at school. 

Have you come across any barriers to home learning and how have you overcome these?

Yes, like in certain lessons like Spanish where I normally get quite a lot of help from the teacher there isn’t things to help you if you’re stuck so I try and use bite size and the internet if I get stuck to help me do the work.

What do you do in your spare time during lockdown?

I try and get out for my hour of exercise walking the dog because if you stay inside all day I feel I have too much energy and if there are other people in the house you sometimes need time away from them so you don’t annoy each other. I also like to try and cook because I still want to try and do things for food tech so I don’t go back and haven’t cooked at all.

How do you separate work and free time?

Well when I’m working I try and keep away from distractions because then you can concentrate on the work and then once you’ve done the work then you can have free time.

Has the pandemic changed your plans for your future education?

It depends on if it effects my grades or not if it does it might affect whether I can do an apprenticeship or have to go to college fulltime.

Has the pandemic changed your career plans?

No I still want to do the same career as I did before the pandemic

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A Year 10 Student's Experiences of the COVID-19 Changes

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