Mature learners

Considering continuing or starting your education journey as a mature student is really exciting, but we also understand it may come with some stress and additional considerations.

While many resources for general students may be of interest, it is important to recognise and address additional concerns mature learners may face. 

What is meant by mature learner? 

According to the Office for Students a mature learner is an undergraduate students aged 21 and over when they enter further or higher education. 

Some potential barriers or concerns mature learners might face are:

  • financial concerns
  • added responsibilities- including other jobs or dependents 
  • worrying about fitting in and adjusting to educational learning / the workload
  • how to apply to programmes 

We hope these resources provided below can give you a bit of guidance and answer some of the questions you may have about approaching further or higher education as a mature student. 


Resources designed to support young people who are navigating school, further education, and higher education!

school students

Parents and Carers

Resources for Parents/Carers to enable you to support young people as they make decisions about their future



Resources for teachers/practitioners working with young people and supporting the Careers curriculum in school/college


Additional Support

Resource and information relating to specific groups and / or circumstances that may benefit from additional support.