Discovering new opportunities: how FutureHY is helping young people make decisions about their future.  

Through extensive work with youth clubs, young people have broadened opportunities to talk about their future and discuss their options.  

FutureHYa partner of the Uni Connect programme. Uni Connect, formally known as the National Collaborative Outreach Programme (NCOP) is a national network of hubs across England which offer impartial advice, guidance and activities on the benefits and realities of higher education in college and university.  

Under a new name and branding, Uni Connect is launching on Wednesday 29th January 20202, with a Parliamentary reception in London.  

One area where FutureHY has been running focussed work is Colburn, Richmondshire. Colburn is in Catterick Garrison, one of the largest army garrisons in the world, and for the last three years has been a target ward for FutureHY. A culmination of FutureHY funded activities and projects has given the young people who participate the opportunity to have fun and experience new things and places.  


Louisa Dobson, Outreach Hub Officer for FutureHY said: 

‘Research by the University of Winchester suggests that military service children are less likely than their peers to go on to higher education despite achieving well academically, so we knew straight away that Colburn was a key area to work with.’ 


The activities provided to Colburn Youth Group included mentoring sessions in the local Library where the young people helped each other with their homework and received 1-2-1 advice from Youth Worker Edwina Anderson. Chloe Amos, who attends sessions, says that she and her peers now have a better understanding of what Higher Education involves. Edwina was able to tell them about topics such as student finance, explaining the processes and dispelling myths about the costs of going to University.  

Chloe was also involved in “Lost in Translation”. Directed and produced by Inspired Youth, the Youth Group worked with Kev Curran, Director, to write poems and create a short film about being a young person in Colburn. Chloe agreed to narrate the film, recording the voice over from a script developed from youth voice captured in workshops at the youth club. Chloe loves the final film, which has now had over 3000 views on YouTube. Not only was it an enjoyable experience, Chloe also feels like the video has helped her feel more heard as a young person in Colburn.  


Project Director of FutureHY York & North Yorkshire Helen Smith said: 

‘The young people we work with often talk about the aspirations they have for their future. However, somehow these seem sometimes to be misunderstood by adults. The Lost in Translation project has given the young people the chance to tell us how they feel about their hopes and plans and how they fit in with the communities around them. By articulating their ideas through this project, we will hopefully enable them to put together a road map to achieve the future they deserve.’ 

Chloe said: 

I’ve loved the project and I don’t think I would have the confidence I do now if it wasn’t for the project I took part in at the Youth Club 




For further information contact Louisa Dobson on 01904 876027 or  


  1. FutureHY York & North Yorkshire is a partner of the Uni Connect programme funded by the Office for Students. The Office for Students is the independent regulator for higher education in England. Our aim is to ensure that every student, whatever their background, has a fulfilling experience of higher education that enriches their lives and careers.  
  2. Please visit the FutureHY website for more information:  
  3. To find out more about Inspired Youth please visit their website: 

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