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Hello! What is your name, where are you based and what is your job title?  

Hello, my name is Rida Wahba. I’m based at York St John as part of the Central Team, and I am a Data Assistant. 


Tell us a little bit about yourself! (what do you do in your spare time, tea or coffee, pineapple on pizza, that sort of thing) 

In my spare time, I like to jump on my bike and explore York and nearby nature. I also love to grind my own coffee beans and make a great cup of coffee every morning. Cooking is an essential part of my life; I do enjoy food on weekends and try new recipes whenever I can. 


Tell us about your background… (did you go to university? What jobs have you done before?) 

I’m originally from Palestine. I did my undergrad in Jordan and my MSc in Manchester and currently finishing my PhD in York. I was a lecturer at the university back home for 5 years. I worked as a physiotherapist treating patients at the hospital and outpatients in my clinic. 


What are you looking forward to most about working on the Uni Connect project?  

It’s so great to work with a team where everyone is happy to help with really good knowledge and experience about Widening Participation. It’s also an amazing opportunity to learn about the project and the different aspects of Widening Participation. It’s always good to learn new things and keep developing my skills. 


Why do you think going to college and/or university is important?  

I used to think it was only for the degree, but now I think it’s more than that. University is a good place to start your adult life and be independent. It’s full of experiences needed to sculpture your personality and learn life lessons. You will meet people from different backgrounds, personalities and you will make friends for life. It’s the perfect place to start learning more about the subject you like and to develop important skills such as critical thinking.   


What is your top tip for someone thinking about going to university?  

Enjoy it! Universities are more than just lectures and books. Universities always offer activities, societies, and more. There is always something for everyone.  


What is your favourite quote?  

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” — Albert Einstein 

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