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We are starting a "Meet the Team" series on our blog, and our first team member is Jade from Craven College, Skipton! 

Hey there! Please tell us your name, where you are based, and your job title.

Hello, my names Jade Robinson and I'm an NCOP outreach assistant based in Skipton, working with Craven College, The Skipton Academy and local community groups.

Tell us about your background...

I have a background in performing Arts; studying it at school, college and then at The University of Leeds. I have done a variety of jobs from Sales to Dance Instructing to Careers and Outreach work.

What does an average day look like in your role?

There are never two days the same in my role. I could spend a day in the office attending administrative tasks and creating resources for student activities, other days I may be with the students delivering activities around HE, Skill building and Wellbeing; or I may be taking them on a trip to Alton Towers to work with the Marketing team... and go on all the rides.

What has been one of your favourite moments on the project so far?

My favourite moment on this project has to be working with the staff and students at The Skipton Academy on the 'This is the Greatest School' video, as well as the soon to be released 'School of Rock' video. It was great to see students excited to get involved in a school project and watch them build skills and confidence as well as gaining brilliant work experience in the creative industries; working with Camera men, sound technicians and becoming skilled performers. It's something they can be proud of!

Why do you think going to college and/or university is important?

As much as University is important for building specific subject knowledge and developing your job prospects/potential earnings; there were other aspects of university that were important to me. The opportunities to get involved with activities/projects and network with other people are brilliant. I developed most of my soft skills through my work with societies and Student Union Activities, skills that potential employers are looking for.

What is your top tip for someone applying to university?

Get your personal statements checked! Also, attend University Open Days. Actually being there and seeing the university in action and looking at the facilities may have an impact on your choice.

Finally... what is your favourite inspirational quote?

'Other peoples perception of you aint none of your business' - Lisa Nichols, How to let your light shine bright 

'no one can make you feel inferior without your consent' - Eleanor Rooservelt, This is my story.

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