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Black History Month takes place in October, every year. We have collated a list of useful resources and information which are for young people and to be used in schools. We will be regularly updating this post. 

Black History Month - The flagship website for events, articles and resources around Black History Month. 

BBC Radio: Black History Month - a range of radio programmes exploring Black History Month and famous figures from the music industry share their stories. 

BBC Teach: Black History Month - a full suite of resources, categorised into resources for Primary and Secondary school pupils. Resources include the lives of Martin Luther King Jr and Nelson Mandela, as well as the British slave trade and the Civil Rights Movement in the USA. 

Mary Seacole - Mary Seacole was a Crimean War nurse and who combated the racial prejudice she experienced in her lifetime in the 1800s. 

Paul Stephenson - Paul was the leader of the Bristol Bus Boycott in 1963 and has since campaigned against racial injustice in the UK. 

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